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How to Find Exterminators Now

A lot of homeowners control household pests on their own through taking preventive measures, such as regular cleaning and proper sanitation. However, it cannot be denied that some pest infestations can be difficult to handle. Hence the need for a pest control company. 

When choosing a company of Exterminators Now Bolinas, you have to do it in the same manner you want to receive the right quality and value of service. It is understandable if you want to consider the cost, but make sure you go for a competent company. Take note that misused pesticides can result to worse problems, such as health and property damage. Before you choose a pest control specialist, consider the following: 

  • Take your time. The problem with homeowners who want to get rid of pests is that they want it done immediately. This ends up hiring the wrong company. Taking the time to find one will allow you to check out many options and compare the services and prices they offer. At KDG, we recommend you to visit online offices as this will show you more about the work they do. We have set up a number of websites for different businesses, making it easier for them to promote their services. 
  • Ask the right questions. If you have prospective Exterminators Now Bolinas, you need to gather information from them that will help you find the right firm. Here are some sample questions:

“How long have you been in the industry?” This will help you determine if they can keep up with the constant changes of pest control management. You may also contact agencies, such as the States Department of Agriculture, to check if your prospective firm has received complaints from previous clients. 

“Do you have a list of references?” Contacting references is an effective way to find out if the firm has met their expectations. 

“Are your Exterminators Now Bolinas licensed and registered?” License speaks volumes about the company. If the exterminator cannot show a license, this can put your property at risk. This also means that he/she did not undergo training programs and certification exams. 

How to Select an Exterminator Near Me for Pest Control

Pests can potentially damage your investments and when it does, the costs of repair and replacement would be so much higher than hiring an effective company or an Exterminators near you that offers pest  control services. To ensure that you would hire the best in the industry and to protect your home and your family, visit our website to get to know more about Exterminators Now to choose the right service provider. Here are some things that you should look into.

Technician’s qualifications

Before hiring a technician for pest control service, make it a point to ask for a valid license. Take note that technicians have their own specializations so check if the technician is suited for the job on hand. To validate information, you can call your local pesticide regulatory office. You might also want to ask what the company’s pest control and management techniques are and if their staff have liability insurance.

Ample experience

A good Exterminator near me for pest control should have substantial years of experience. Ask the technician how long has he been in the industry and how many projects has he done in the past. A technician who has been in the industry for long has high potentials of providing expertise on every project that he does.

Ask for referrals

Customer feedback will tell you a lot in terms of getting an idea if you will have a positive experience with the pest controller. If you have friends, colleagues or neighbours who recently hired a pest controller, find out if they were happy with the technician’s service. Do not rely on advertisements. The customers who obtained actual service company are your best source of information. You might also want to check the company’s rating from Better Business Bureau.

Excellent customer service

To find out if the Exterminator near me provides excellent service, call their hotline number and speak with one of their customer service representatives. Take note of his manner of speaking with you. A good customer service for pest control would provide accurate information about their services and they should also be polite and professional in dealing with their prospects. 

3 Importance Of Checking Bug Gallery For Your Pest Control

Although there are signs of pest presence in your property, there are certain pests and insects that are microscopic and you wouldn’t recognize them unless you check on a bug gallery. Some of the breeding grounds are also not easily seen by the naked eye. This is the reason why we handle pest challenges for you at Exterminators Now since we understand that pests should be dealt with by no less than the professionals. Termites, rodents, ants, spiders and cockroaches are easy to detect but pests and insects, such as silverfish, mites, fleas and bedbugs that breed in your furniture and carpets without being visible. Because of this, calling us for a professional inspection becomes necessary.  

Risk and damage assessment

When you hire us, you can be sure that your pest issues are handled by qualified contractors who can expertly determine the presence and type of pests inhabiting your property. The inspection allows us to create an action plan to effectively eradicate pests in certain areas in your premises. The inspection will also make it easier for us to determine how much we are going to charge for the service. We offer the best technique and approach possible that suits the type of pests in your property.  

Evaluate the breeding grounds  

By calling our technicians, you will know where the pests and insects are concentrated in your property and you will also be exposed to bug gallery for easier identification of pests. With inspection, you will also know how to prevent re-infiltration of pests and your belongings that are prone to pest damage. After we exterminated the pests, we do follow ups to determine if the pests are back. In such instance, we do a back job until we finally eradicate the pests and insects in your area. 

Preventive techniques 

One of the benefits of calling us for inspection at Exterminators Now  is we offer you peace of mind that your property is safe and clean and the pests you see at bug gallery are no longer present in your premises.  Our expert technicians will give you tips and advice on how to protect your house from infestation and we provide service warranty to our customers. 

Exterminators Now – How to prevent a Rodent Infestation in a Restaurant

Restaurants are some of the most typical clients of Exterminators Now because they cannot afford to have any pest issues. With at least 20% of restaurant health inspections focused on pest control restaurateurs have to work with Exterminators Now to put in place a pest control and management plan. 

One of the most threatening pests in the food service industry is rodents. It is believed that 20% of the world’s food is contaminated by rats and mice. Cold winter months are one of the busiest times for Exterminators Now because rodent activity increases as they look for warmer shelter with food and water. A restaurant is a perfect hideaway for rodents because it has everything they are seeking for. 

Rodent droppings are evidence that there is a rodent in the building. In a food environment, this is an issue that has to be resolved with the help of Exterminators Now, otherwise the restaurant has to shutdown. Between lost profits and the devastating damage to the reputation, losses can be quite high. 

One of the key steps to prevent a rodent infestation is proper inspection. All rodent hot spots must be identified to know what to look for. The most common areas where rodents can build a nest include storage areas, cluttered offices and backrooms, behind and under kitchen equipment and on the voids in walls, floors and ceiling. 

When investigating the hot spots, look for capsule-like pellet rodent droppings, chew marks on food packages, wirings and insulation, grease or rub marks on walls and shredded paper or cloth that are used to make nests. Continue the inspection outside the building. Inspect burrows alongside the foundation and areas where trash is placed. 

Seal all cracks and gaps around utility lines because they are potential entry points for rodents, rats and mice. If there is a hole in a shipment box, refuse to accept the delivery. Someone else’s mistake must not damage your business. 

The best way to avoid pest issues is to ensure that the establishment is always clean. A cleaning process must be established before and after the end of each shift. De-clutter the office so that it won’t attract rodents. 


The Importance of Quotes from Exterminators Now

If you need an extermination service, the one mistake that you can commit is getting the services of the first contractor that you will find online. You run the risk of wasting your money and at the same time, you can experience the anxiety of getting a bad service over a hefty price.  To save you from headaches, call us at Exterminators Now so we can inspect your area and give you a quote. To be sure, ask for quotes from different contractors so at the end of the day, you would know that we are the best and cheapest in the industry. Here are some of the benefits of asking for quotes from different companies. 

Price comparison

One of the benefits of requesting for quotes from different pest control contractorsis you can easily compare price and its inclusions. Also, asking for quotes helpsto you determine the current average service rate in the industry without doing much research work. This will also give you an idea how fast we respond to your requests and queries. At Exterminators Now, we make it a point to respond to our customers right away since we understand that our customers require immediate answers and immediate solutions to their pest anxiety. A faster response to quote requests is an indication of professional service. 

Promotes healthy competition  

By asking quotes from us, we are motivated to offer more pocket-friendly deals and higher quality of service knowing that you are also looking at our competitors. This way, we get into a healthy industry competition which will ultimately benefit our customers.

Better customer-friendly packages

Because there is healthy competition among different contractors, we at Exterminators Now becomes eager to offer better deals and services at a much lower price. As part of our extra mile services, you can give us your working budget so we can offer you a package or a deal suited to your budget. On top of all these, we offer service warranty for you to have that peace of mind that you will not spend more if pests recur in your property.  




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